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Entry #1

Most Awesome Map on Time Fcuk

2009-11-29 00:08:57 by dirtofgrandeur

IDK how long it will last, but I am overjoyed to be able to say that my map, Hot Foot (number 7494 ), has made it onto the list of most awesome maps on Time Fcuk. I have been trying to reach that mark for so long, and actually got there with what I thought was a throwaway design. So, for anyone who reads this, thanks for taking me there, and I hope you enjoy it if you haven't played it already. I have a few more maps that are really hard that I'm proud of if you'd like to give them a shot. They are:

7496 - Ascension
7424 - Dimentia
7561 - YayMayorBee
7688 - Lockdown 2.

These are my hardest designs, but also my favorites. Enjoy!


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